Lilac Purple Palette - Best beads choices


Lilac is often has "alexandrite" effect - on sunlight or daylight you can see it as lilac, and in evening or 

incandescent light - like blue. It is great with purple, violet or blue. Let me present some great ideas of beads combinations with these beautiful colors.

- Ceramic cornflake beads, mixed color in purple and blue, 10mm (Greek Ceramic) IN SHOP

- Seed beads Permanent finish Silver lined milky Amethyst PF2108 (Toho Beads) IN SHOP

- Lilac briolettes, teadrops 10x14mm (Czech Glass) IN SHOP

- Violet lilac maple leaf glass beads with silver inlays (Czech Glass) IN SHOP

- Purple seed mix N 3207 (Toho Beads) IN SHOP

- Tulip flower beads in lilac pink mixed color (Czech Glass) IN SHOP

Yours always,

Kate from MayaHoneyBead