Fire Polishing. Czech glass beads: All you want to know!


And here we are again - beautiful place Jablonec nad Nisou (Czech Republic) where glass beads are created.

First Part of our journey

By the way, I love the idea of this curtain made of glass beads! I saw this in Glass and Jewelry Museum in Jablonec. Definitely worth the effort that was put in creating it.

So, I always wondered how normal round or as Czech manufacturers call them "druk" beads become fire polished or faceted? The fact is - all fire polished beads were round at first and then ladies in factory made them into faceted shapes with the help of special machines. As you see in videos I made not only machine helps them but also their eyes and hands. Ladies control all process, find defect beads and throw them away. Water is also necessary cause it prevents machines from overheating and hands are wet all the time during work in this stage of creating beads.


It is rather fast when working with 20mm beads as you can see above but imagine 4mm or 6mm beads? Not so easy!

And in the end you always have beautiful beads)))) be continued...

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