Czech glass beads: All you want to know!


Always looking for new beads, designs and jewelry ideas? Can’t get off Pinterest with all beautiful beads photos, tutorial links and it’s getting worse? Or, I have news for you – you are a true bead lover)) And so am I! Pressed or fire polished? Table cut or lampwork? New shapes like PiP beads or Preciosa drops, fancy bicones or maple leaves? Or just classic round shape? So many choices!

Jablonec nad Nisou

Let me tell you a little bit about old Czech city which you would love to visit and grab some beads treasures with you. It’s Jablonec nad Nisou – small town in the heart of Northern Bohemia (Czech Republic region) well known for its glass and jewelry making traditions. It is surrounded by small villages where you can still find family glass workshops (some of them have more than 100 years old history of making glass beads!)

Beads Paradise (trust me!)

This time we visited one of the factories where you can follow how to make glass and then czech beads.

Hey, I can hardly hold these glass rods – they have to be that thick so glass maker can create beads out of them.

No wonder almost all of them are men! But wait – did something change in the past 100 years? Beads making equipment or techniques? Sure, but not much! There are still lots of handmade work going on behind the scene; although we have automated some of the stages a lot of bead designs require man’s hand and attention. No automat can make these gorgeous butterfly or dragonfly designs.

This is separating machine for smaller beads

This is how glass beads will organize before fire polishing process

One of the glass making machines at work - it is very noisy in production rooms.

All these cut pieces will go to special spinner where they will be spinned for several days and get rid off excess glass.

But you know what? Not all beads come as you wish them to be( The quality depends on glass itself, compatibility of different colors and even weather conditions! be continued...

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